Tokai mountain bike trail

Tokai is situated just 20km from Cape Town CBD and is the most popular mtb destination for riders living in and around Cape Town. Starting at the Arboretum, follow the long gravel road up towards the Constantiaberg radio mast. For the hardcore, this is a climb that takes anywhere between 50min to 90min (not on route map and profle below). On the way down you are thoroughly rewarded with swooping singletrack all the way back to the parking area.

For those not wanting climb all the way to up the mast, I recommend climbing up to the famous ‘switchbacks’ which is an exhilarating, exposed and technical 5min decent. After a short climb up you are back at the top of the remaining singletrack. There are even some northshore sections to enjoy!

The great thing about Tokai is that its easy to ‘session’ sections of singletrack because of the network of dirtroads leading you back to the top. For those wanting to do some serious Cape Epic training you can get some distance in by riding across to the silvermine reserve to climb up the ferocious Noordhoek peak. For the downhill guys there is a well established downhill trail with some awesome road gap jumps and dropoffs.

The trails are not one-way so if you ride up on the singletrack watch out for the guys charging down! Also watch out for the friendly local baboons.

For those without a wildcard it cost R25 for your permit which you need to buy at the Tokai braai place entrance just below the parking area.

Elevation Profile

Check out full res map here courtesy iRide Africa

photos courtesy Danie Hugo