Thomas Frischknecht sheds some light on his SCOTT-Swisspower team performance at Windam World Cup

Thomas Frischknecht, a man that needs no introduction to the world of MTB and cyclocross has written about his SCOTT-Swisspower teams performance this past weekend at the closing round of the XCO World Cup season in Windham, NY. He gives us some insights to his riders results, the race in general and his thoughts on Julian Absalons protest.

Written by Thomas Frischknecht

What a day

The world cup final in Windham, NY finishes of the 2010 world cup season better than ever! With the 2nd place of Nino Schurter, 3rd for Florian Vogel and 21st for Patrik Gallati (2nd best U23 rider) SCOTT-Swisspower not only won the world cup team ranking. More important, Nino Schurter is the new world cup champion 2010! Florian Vogel moved up two spots ending up in 4th and Patrik Gallati in 5th overall. With the overall title Nino not only sets a new highlight in his career, he also brakes a record again by winning worlds and world cup at the young age of 24. Not even Miguel Martinez or Julien Absalon where so quick getting their title.

Tight in points

Before the final round is was still very open who is going to take the crown. Schurter, Absalon and Kulhavy where tight in points. Absalon was out for the overall after lap one by getting a flat tire. A unusual big group with the Swiss armada including Schurter, Vogel, Sauser and Flückiger, plus Kulhavy (CZE), Stander (RSA), Hermida (ESP) and Fumic (GER) stayed together 2/3 into the race. Last lap it was a battle in between Schurter, Vogel, Sauser and Kulhavy. European champion Kulhavy was the fastest at the end. Nino secured his overall title by finishing 2nd, closed followed by Vogel who came in 3rd.


The 2010 performance of team SCOTT-Swisspower is a milestone. Even the boys reached a lot this year they are still hungry for next weekend’s world championship in Mt. St. Anne, Canada. In the shape they are they don’t have to be afraid of anyone. Tough, the competition is so tight it takes a perfect race to win one of the medals.

Let’s cross fingers


PS: Nino was wearing the world champion jersey instead of the world cup leaders jersey. The leaders jersey we got in Val di Sole was too small. I did allow Nino to ride in the world champion jersey at my own responsibility. The result was a 5000 Swiss franc fine of the UCI, because a rider placed a protest. Julien Absalon! Julien was at all times a great sportsmen when I raced against him and after too. I did not only respect him for his great results, I liked him as a person as well. Now he showed his real face of a sorry looser. Nino beat him over the whole season fair and square. A wrong jersey does not change the fact that Nino was better in 2010. When I raced against the French armada with Martinez, Dupouey, Chiotti and Absalon I had to live with a second place many times. Sometimes even under special circumstances. But I tried to be a fair looser. A champion, and as such I counted Julien up till today, also is a champion in loosing. Sorry Julien. I don’t know what you where thinking!