The going is good for Wolhuter in the US

Chris Wolhuter’s cycling season in America has been going well thus far. Wolhuter, who rides for the Stans No Tubes p/b Proferrin team, has said recently that some good results has made up for the times when the results weren’t coming like he hoped.


“The season has on the whole gone well so far. There have been ups and downs but getting the good results makes it worth it,” said Wolhuter who went to the US in February.


Some of his best results include podiums in the Hincapie Spring Series – a first at River Falls, second at Friday Night Fights Criterium and second at the SRS Montgomery Criterium. He is currently leading the Pez Cycling Sprinters Jersey Classification in the South-East Regional Series (SRS) and is second in the Overall Classification for the SRS.


“I have been achieving most of my goals I have set at the start of the season. Obviously there have been some disappointments along the way. Racing in the USA is hard. I think a lot of people have this misconception that is ‘easier’ than Europe but having raced in Belgium before I would say that racing here can be as hard if not harder in some aspects. Another factor that makes things ‘difficult’ in a sense here is that we drive huge distances to races. My main goal for which I came here is to try and get a ride on a pro team and I am still fighting for that!”

This coming weekend Wolhuter will compete in the Crossroads Classic. “It is a six day omnium style tour/stage race with five criteriums and one road race.” A week later Wolhuter will race at the next SRS Knoxville race where he will be defending his points jersey.