Super Sub Happy Friday

With our main man crank editor ‘the Ror’ out of action after his monster crash, like a true hero he has still been fighting all odds and keeping the crank news up to date with his one fingered, left hand T-rex typing. Of course writing a Happy Friday post is no easy feat, especially when maimed and high on pain killers.

In order to keep the loyal Happy Friday fan base satisfied he has called on the ‘super-sub’. With a left-handed high five ‘the Ror’ stoically stepped down this week and gave me the honor of searching random sites for ‘hot chicks on bikes’. These are big shoes to fill and looking through previous posts such as the not-so-ugly Emilia Fahlin and the oh-my-left-sac Emily Batty I soon realised this was going to be tough, but someone’s got to do it!

Ok so enough with the ramblings of a novice, of course you are not here to read! Lacking the skills or creativity of previous entries, below is a buffet of images that will hopefully at least come close to the quality that we have become accustomed to on everyones favourite day of the week. Happy Friday!