My not so Happy Friday

This past weekend I broke my left collar bone. I would love to tell you that i was attempting a huge gap jump again, but alas, it was a huge branch and a dance floor that caused all the damage.

I went up to Pretoria for a friends wedding, and what a beautiful ceremony it was. The outdoors setting was stunning but unfortunately a huge thunderstorm saw the wedding party quickly clearing up the outside tables and moving them under a nearby Lapa, where the delicious lunch was enjoyed.

When the storm cleared, the wedding party moved back outside where many games and beers were enjoyed. When the sun set, the music started to play loudly and the first brandy and coke made its appearance. It was as if a switch was flipped. People started going crazy, loss of fancy dancing and even the compulsory pile on’s occurred.

Rob Gilmour showing some mad skills, about to land on the bride, good form.

Suddenly, at 11:30pm, as the wind started to pick up again, a loud CRACK was heard and seconds later I found myself on the floor, dazed and confused. I jumped up and told everybody that I was fine but moments later I was back on the floor, not able to move my arm with blood pouring from my ear. I knew straight away that my collar bone was broken, but had no idea that it was a huge branch that had fallen from 15m above the dance floor that had floored me. I was taken to the Acasia Net Care hospital where i was admitted and got the pain meds I so desperately needed. I was operated on at 3pm on Monday, a steel plate and screws were used to align my separated collar bone.

The Branch. Its bigger and heavier than it looks. Took two guys to move it.
The result when above branch lands on your shoulder from 15m above. You think its broken?
I was in some good company in my recovery ward 🙂
I just had my dressing changed and got to see the wound, nice staples.

I unfortunately had to reschedule my flight home for a day later. Thanks Kulula for raping me!

All in all, a fun weekend up until 11:30pm on Sunday. Its was a freak accident that has completely derailed my preparations for the GR300 and Absa Cape Epic. I was hoping for a big 2 weeks on the bike before heading to Mozambique for 9 days. It looks like it will be just over 3 weeks off the bike, perhaps not a train smash but I will have a lot of catching up to do come 9 January. Cant wait.

But this makes me feel better.