Masters’ MTB National Champs crowned

South African Masters’ mountain bike racers took to the cross-country and downhill tracks at the Hayterdale Trails near Addo for the 2013 Cycling SA-MTB National Championships, powered by Frontier Events, at the weekend.

All the masters’ XCO categories completed their races before the main Elite, under-23 and Junior racing took place. Downhill masters’ competitors raced in amongst the elite and junior fields, as their start times were dependent on their qualifying times.

The Sub Veteran, Veteran, Masters and Grand Masters groups were all divided into their respective A and B categories. “A” represented the younger half of the group, while “B” represented the older half. Each sub category crowned a national champion.

Congratulations to our new masters’ women national XCO champions Nedene Cahill (Sub Vet 30-34), Nicky Booyens (Sub Vet 35-39), Natalie Bergstrom (Vet 40-44), Ann Harrison (Vet 45-49) and Fran Ferreira (Master 50-54).

Well done to our new masters’ men national XCO champions Jan Withaar (Sub Vet 30-34), Paul Cordes (Sub Vet 35-39), Neil Bradford (Vet 40-44), Andrew Mclean (Vet 45-49), Con Malherbe (Master 50-54), Chris Brand (Master 55-59) and Linus van Onselen (Grand Master 60-64).

In addition to celebrating the National titles in the Masters’ categories, Cycling SA-MTB also introduced the brand new Para-cycling category. C5 Para-cyclist James van Rensburg, racing in the Sub Veteran Men group, took the National Champion title in the Para-cycling group along the technical 4.2km course.

The downhill discipline crowned new Masters’ National Champions on Sunday. Congratulations to Gina Nixon (Sub Vet Women 30-39), Dirk Lourens (Sub Vet Men 30-39) and Chris Nixon (Vet Men 40-49) on your gold medals.

We look forward to welcoming all the Masters’ categories to the 2013 UCI MTB Masters World Championships, scheduled a week prior to the Elite blue ribbon event, from 21-25 August. The Masters’ event is open to all non-elite XCO and DHI participants and proves a hot favourite with the team mechanics and support crews of the elite teams that will be racing a week later.

Mountain bikers outside of the Elite racing category, and aged 30 and above will be racing for the chance to earn their own rainbow-stripe jersey and World Championship medal. Anyone can enter, and entries close on Thursday 1 August, There is no way of entering the event after this deadline. According to UCI regulations, absolutely no late entries can or will be accepted, so enter now:


Photos: Paul Cordes (top – Sub Vet Men 35-39) and Andrew Mclean (bottom – Veteran Men 45-49) were crowned National Cross-country Champions in the Masters’ categories at the 2013 Cycling SA-MTB National Championships, powered by Frontier Events, at the weekend. Photo credit: Tonie Griffin

2013 SA National Masters’ MTB XCO Champs – 20 July

Sub Vet Women (30-34) 4 laps
1 Nedene Cahill 01:03:40
2 Annie David 01:14:42

Sub Vet Women (35-39) 4 laps
1 Nicky Booyens 01:12:18

Sub Vet Men (30-34) 5 laps
1 Jan Withaar 01:03:21
2 Sakkie Hanekom 01:06:17
3 Dion Froneman 01:06:33

Sub Vet Men (35-39) 5 laps
1 Paul Cordes 01:03:33
2 Nic Lamond 01:08:25
3 Fritz Pienaar 01:08:34

Para-cycling C5 – 4 laps
1 James Van Rensburg 01:10:42

Veteran Women (40-44) 4 laps
1 Natalie Bergstrom 01:02:30
2 Gina Nixon 01:09:36
3 Andrea Von Holdt 01:13:09

Veteran Women (45-49) 4 laps
1 Ann Harrison 01:09:04
2 Monique Beattie 01:14:45

Veteran Men (40-44) 5 laps
1 Neil Bradford 01:06:18
2 Mark Moir 01:08:53
3 Bruce Diesel 01:09:05

Veteran Men (45-49) 5 laps
1 Andrew Mclean 01:06:55
2 Robert Sim 01:08:31
3 Chris Nixon 01:08:34

Master Women (50-54) 3 laps
1 Fran Ferreira 00:57:50
2 Helen Gibbings 01:03:16
3 Heather Trumble 01:35:49 (lapped)

Master Men (50-54) 4 laps
1 Con Malherbe 00:58:45
2 Graham Taylor 00:59:14
3 Louw Gerber 01:02:34

Master Men (55-59) 4 laps
1 Chris Brand 00:58:00
2 Neville Ackermann 01:01:39
3 Colin Gibbings 01:07:45

Grand Master Men (60-64) 3 laps
1 Linus Van Onselen 00:45:22
2 Peter Barber 00:51:34
3 Jean Hubert 00:53:14

2013 SA National Masters’ MTB DHI Champs – 21 July

Sub Vet Women (30-39)
1 Gina Nixon 04:04.84
2 Kathryn Fourie 04:45.77

Sub Vet Men (30-39)
1 Dirk Lourens 03:34.39
2 Jamie Watt 03:36.03
3 Thomas Rood 03:36.56

Vet Men (40-49)
1 Chris Nixon 03:38.83
2 Julien Louw 03:42.82
3 Bernard Playdon 04:07.64