LED bicycle tyres coming soon – super cool

This tech will make you fast, no matter who you are. A new bike tyre that uses LED technology to create a ring of light and which has been likened to something out of the sci-fi movie Tron promises to provide cyclists with “a unique and unprecedented safety measure.”

The Cyglo, patented in the US and UK, is the brainchild of James Tristram from Merseyside and uses LED lights housed within the tyre tread or wall which, coupled with motion sensors, ensure that a ring of light is formed whenever a bicycle is in motion.

With the internet already abuzz over Walt Disney’s forthcoming sequel to its 1982 cult sci-fi classic Tron, fans of the movie have seized upon the Cyglo’s resemblance to the tyres used on the motorbikes appearing in the movie.

The company says that “manufacturing bicycle tyres with LED lights already built in has significant benefits, not least that pedal cycles become aligned with all road vehicles by having permanent running lights on day and night to maximise visibility regardless of lighting conditions,” and there’s no doubt that they are visually stunning.

There’s no word yet on when the tyres will be available or how much they will cost, but you can register for email updates on the company website or follow the company on Twitter for the latest news.

Courtesy Simon MacMichael