Kranked Revolve presented by AMARider

AMArider had a movie night last night featuring the awesome new Kranked video Revolve. They also presented the awards from the recent AMArider 100 miler, supposedly the toughest MTB race of 2009. Kudo’s to the 99 people who completed the 100 mile race in aweful looking conditions but the highlight of the evening was definetly the screening of Kranked rather than the prize giving.

Kranked Revolve is the sixth film in the series produced by Radical Films. It features some incredible footage of freeriding in locations around the world, including a short segment from home soil featuring the top SA downhillers at the recent World Cup in Maritzburg.

The highlight of the film was definately the last 10 minutes with an amazing sequence of syncronised North Shore riding in BC. Incredible riding, incredible scenery and incredible cinemetography. Hopefully the amazing featured trails will inspire the entire audience to give generously to AMArider, and likewise inspire AMArider to get building. Not that most people in the audience I expect would dare attempt some of the ‘naught tightening’ jumps featured in Revolve.

For those living under a rock on Table Mountain that have never heard of AMArider, it is a non-profit organisation involved in the fundraising, logistics and building of new singletrack trails in SA. Well worth supporting,  find out more here.