Kayamandi BMX race report

Racing took place at the Kayamandi BMX track in Stellenbosch this past Sunday afternoon as the Kayalitsha team couldn’t make the usual Saturday morning slot.

Sadly, since we were last there, the track and surrounding area seems to be getting more vandalised and miss-treated, the fence around the track is gone, the smell of sewage and is always with you, every berm smells different! Sorry, I know this is gruesome but its unfortunately the way the locals have to live. The club house,  seen in the pictures is in a horrible state and I wonder how long it took to look like that.

The wind was crazy so we decided to race the track backwards because it didn’t affect the start gates as much and it made a few corners a bit safer. As usual, the Kayalitsha and Songo kids battled it out to their best abilities; there were some dodgy attempted take out/t-bone maneuvers which I think Dirty Darryn Stowe is responsible for teaching the kids.

Anyway the elites also had a great days racing, we ran a round robin type structure  so many of us got to race our fellow competitors. Racing was clean and fun and everyone got really amped on each others performances.

In the end, Darryn Stowe, Bradly Stowe and Tobi Groeneweld were the victors, taking home all the medals for themselves!

Next race’s date and location is still to be confirmed. Thanks to everyone involved in organising the event

Report and photos courtesy Nils Hansen