Jonkershoek mountain bike trail

Jonkershoek has long been known as the THE place to ride in Stellenbosch. Unfortunately, earlier this year saw some serious fires destroying half of Jonkershoeks amazing singletrack.  There are no marked routes but the singletracks are marked. There are many combinations of routes to come up with depending on how high you are willing to climb and how much time you have. Go explore, its worth it.

There are 2 original singletrack sections remaining after the fire with the better being the Canary singletrack. This singletrack is divided by forestry roads into 3 sections. The upper section is the steepest with some great switchbacks through the trees and there are also some rock gardens to contend with. The middle section is fairly similar with less gradient and last section takes you out into the open before re-entering the forest with some sweeping corners.  The second singletrack is the Tedea singletrack which is quite a bit shorter but its rocky, quite sandy and has some sharp corners at the end with some trees that always seem to get in the way.

There are loads of circular gravel road routes that are great for beginners which provide spectacular views.

Permits are obtained at the main gate for R20 and there is a tea garden for a snack after the ride.

Elevation Profile

Over the years Jonkershoek has been the venue for many provincial and national XC and DH races.