Jens Voigt – Tour comeback

It was a crash that could have ended a career for many riders, but not for Jens Voigt.

It was a crash that could have ended a career for many riders, but not for Jens Voigt.

In this years tour on stage 16 while descending the Petit-Saint-Bernard climb, Jens took one of the seasons worst falls but has been able to make a full recovery and is already planning his 2010 season. Jens will remain on the Saxo Bank team.


“My definite goal is to be selected for the Tour lineup in 2010, where I hope and believe that I am back in peak shape. I do not want to end my Tour de France participation with a crash,” Voigt said in an interview on the team’s web page. “It was great winning the Criterium International for the fifth time (in 2009). Only the French legend Raymond Poulidor has done the same and I will certainly go for the sixth victory in 2010.”

This is the diehard attitude that everyone has come to expect from the Voigt, whose daring attacking style has endeared him to fans and teammates throughout his career.

Voigt was sidelined for six weeks from a concussion and a fractured right cheek bone.

Voigt, 38, made his comeback this summer at the Tour of Missouri and rode to 31st in the Japan Cup in October to end his season.

Reflecting on his horendous crash, Voigt said that he is trying to take something positive out of the otherwise potentially catastrophic experience.

“The crash on the descent during the Tour was ugly in many ways and most active athletes know that a six week break in the mid-season can make you crazy and restless inside. But the incident had a more profound influence on me,” he said. “With all the alternative impacts the crash could have provided in mind, I have been grateful for even being able to recognize my wife and children, to be able to walk and to live a life without permanent injuries.

“That is the most important issue for me and my family. Everyday life functions again and I enjoy the off-season and being at home where my kids have made endless lists of activities for us to do before the races begin again.”