Happy Friday – To be or not to be in NYC

I came across this article on www.refinery29.com, check it our below. The only thing criminal about this lady and her short skirt is that there is only one photo!

Apparently, it’s a crime to wear a skirt while riding a bike in NYC. Jasmijn Rickman, who ironically enough is a bike company general manager in Holland, was subjected to some cop harassment while in town for the New Amsterdam Bike Show last month. Riding her bike one day around the city, a police officer pulled her over and said that her exposed legs were “distracting the cars.” Understandably, Rijcken didn’t at first believe the police officer, . “I thought he was joking around but he got angry and asked me for my ID,” she confessed to the Daily News. While she didn’t get a ticket, she admitted, “”I didn’t even think for one second that my outfit could be harmful or disturbing.” Even so, she did go back to her hotel and changed into pants.

Written by Kristian Laliberte for www.refinery29.com