Greg Minnaar wins US Pro GRT #3 in Tahoe

South African Greg Minnaar claimed another win this season at Northstar in Lake Tahoe at the US Pro GRT downhill. He was joined on the podium by Bryn Atkinson (Transitions) in second, Syndicate teammate Steve Peat in third, Cedric Gracia (Brigade) in fourth and the young Mitch Ropelato in fifth.

Greg cruising to another victory

“The altitude was killer and so were the course conditions. I felt like I was riding through my mom’s makeup bag!” said Minnaar. “I knew it would be a physical race and I knew I had to pedal hard. I can feel it now and it was definitely well worth it.”

Mens podium

In the women’s race, Jill Kintner (Transitions) clocked the fastest time of 4:29.7. She was followed by Kathy Pruitt, 7.8 seconds later.

Elite Men Results:

1 Greg Minnaar 0:03:59.90
2 Bryn Atkinson 0:00:03.40
3 Steve Peat 0:00:06.60
4 Cedric Gracia 0:00:07.40
5 Mitch Ropelato 0:00:07.50
6 Mikey Sylvestri
7 Eliot Jackson 0:00:10.40
8 Kevin Aiello 0:00:11.10
9 JD Swanguen 0:00:11.80
10 Logan Binggeli 0:00:12.60

Elite Women Results:

1 Jill Kintner 0:04:29.70
2 Katy Pruitt 0:00:07.80
3 Leigh Donovan 0:00:15.50
4 Jacqueline Harmony 0:00:15.90
5 Rachel Bauer 0:00:17.20
6 Joanna Petterson 0:00:19.50
7 Jennifer Wolf 0:00:26.40
8 Gabriella Williams 0:00:31.40
9 Addie Stewart 0:00:42.10
10 Joy Martin 0:00:50.80

Cedric Gracia demonstrates his roller skaing technique

Images courtesy Kathy Sessler