GORE Ride On Cable review

I am going to start off this review by saying that the GORE Ride On Cable upgrade has been the best upgrade I have done to my bike. In a close second I would put my tubeless tyre conversion. These cables have a hefty price tag, roughly R750 but you will make your money back very quickly after you would have replaced your usual cables for the umpteenth time.

Out on the trail, the Gore Ride-On Sealed Low Friction Derailleur Cable Kit provide some lightning fast shifts, noticeably faster and easier than my old Shimano cables. The cables are completely protected from mud, dirt and the elements by continuous liners and GRUBâ„¢ Seals. In addition to the liner the Gore Ride-On Sealed Low Friction Derailleur Cable Kit uses a coated cable to keep the shifting running smoothly. Since installing these cable, I have ridden in mud, dry conditions and even on the beach during the Anchor man Challenge without a single miss shift.

The big selling point of these cables is their durability, performance does not diminish for a very, very long time. However, getting the installation correct is crucial for the longevity of the cables. Get it right and you will have no shifting issues for at least 2 years. Follow the instructions or their website, including a video or get your local bike shop to do it. I recommend Lance at Epic Bike shop.

Available in black and white the kit includes two coated cables, two liners, enough cable housing to outfit large bikes with complicated routing, lots of ferrules, two rubber grub seals, two end crimps, and two crimp covers. The cables are compatible with SRAM, Shimano, and Campagnola and work for road, mountain, cyclo-cross, downhill, etc. Weight for the uncut kit is 120 g.

Gore cables are distributed by Cycles Africa and can be bought at your top local bike shops.