Garden Route 300 – Day1 report

Wow, Knysna really did play out of her boots today. Stunning weather and an insane 103km route through the lush forests. The day started off with a 4km neutral section through the town which was most welcome after not warming up before the start. As we hit the dirt however, everything changed and the pace was hot.

My first bit of admin came just 10km in as my water bottle cage came loose and I lost both my bottle and cage. I managed to find my bottle but the cage was gone. Thanks to my legend patner Pieter for carrying my 2nd bottle! Things got better from there, especially when we entered the fabled Harkerville forest. It truly is an amazing view exiting the dense forest and seeing the ocean below you.

On to water point 2 and this is when my cramps started to hit. I am still not sure if its from my new shoes and a slightly different cleat position or just over exertion, probably both. The next 40 km or so was a by of a blur wih Pieter nursing me through, but my goodness the route was top notch.

Up front the racing was fierce, with defending champ Timo Cooper and his partner Adriaan Louw taking the spoils in 4hrs 28min. The next two days is going to be very interesting as the second places team is just 30 seconds back.

In the end, Pieter and finished in 12 place overall, taking first prize for the baggies category in 4hr56 min.

Tomorrow sees us riding 115km with 2300m elevation gain, phew, its gonna be a toughy. Looking forward to riding through some of the famous spots in Knysna, Homtini, Diepwalle and Phantom single track, can’t wait!