E-Bikes: The next big thing? Check out this BlackTrail bike

E-Bikes are definitely the talk around town.  As  petrol prices soar and battery technology evolves so commuting becomes more fashionable. This coupled with the fact that its the most energy efficient means of transport available with zero emissions makes the E- Bike all the more appealing. This was clearly evident by the strong showing of these bikes at the recent Eurobike tradeshow.

I have come across the ‘Big Daddy’ of  E-Bikes, the BlackTrail.  It has top speed of 100 km/h which officially makes it the world’s fastest electric bicycle. In my opinion its all the nicest looking. The bike is a collaboration between PG-Bikes and a carbon fiber company UBC who are well known for their exploits in the world of Formula 1.

Here are some of the specs:

Length: 1896mm

Width: 620mm

Height: 982mm

Maximum Speed:  100 km/h

Cruising Speed: 30-50 km/h

Range based on maximum speed: 40 – 60km

Range based on cruising speed: 160 – 200km

Main materials:

–      Carbon Fibre

–      High alloyed Aluminum (used by NASA)

–      Titan

–      Magnesium

Weight: 19,8kg

Drivetrain: CM48 V hybrid engine
Engine Performance: 1,2 KW Output/ 140NM
Control Logic: CM with 3 driving modes combined with the BlackTrail BT667 Software
Battery: CM 48 Volt Lithium Ion 17 Ah
Battery Lifespan: min. 2500 – 5000 charging cycles
Charging Time: 30min (80%) 150min (100%)

There are some great little retro bits on the bike like the leather saddle and battery cover but is not the cheapest E-Bike on the market, in fact its super expensive – 59,500 Euros!!

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