Deer Park – MTB riding in the city

Its hard beating the feeling of riding in Deer Park with Table Mountain towering above you and the amazing view of  Lions head, Cape Town CBD and the harbour. For those working in town its the perfect midweek evening ride. People of all levels can ride here although being on the slope of Table Mountain means that there is no escaping some serious climbing.

My ride started in the Deer Park parking lot and headed left towards devils peak. I gradually climbed up to Kings Blocks house and rode along the contour path back towards Cape Town. After the gnarly drop down onto Tafelberg Road I cycled the 5km along the tar past the Cable Station and onto the dirt roads below. 20m after you enter this dirt road you drop down to your left onto the granite boulders singletrack. This is a must do for those who enjoy steep singletrack. From the bottom you make your way back to Molteno rd where you climb back up onto the dirt roads on the slopes of the mountain. From here on its undulating jeep track all the way back to Deer Park. The combination of jeep track, smooth flowing singletrack and technical singletrack makes this ride perfect for all levels of  skill and fitness. The route I took covered 19km and took roughly 90 minute. Map and photos of the ride below.

To find Deer Park check out our maps page