Crank Editor in Hospital

You may have noticed the sparse coverage of the Tour de France over the last two days, in fact some of you may have even had to read other blogs in an attempt to keep up to date! Unfortunately Cranks maverick Editor in Chief, Rory,  took a tumble on Sunday afternoon while attempting a otherwise routine double jump at the UCT jump track. The past junior provincial XC champ has become a pretty useful jump specialist over the last two years however even the best sometimes fall.

Rory sustained a broken collarbone and a fractured wrist late on Sunday afternoon and was rushed to hospital. After a night he tells me he would rather forget, 2 Titanium plates were inserted to line up the bones in a 3 hour operation today. He will spend a few more days hooked up to Morphine in hospital before returning to the helm at Crank HQ.

We wish Rory a speedy recovery.