Conrad Stoltz smashes Pennypinchers Origin Of Trails stage 1 route

Conrad Stoltz was in a league of his own on Friday, 29 November 2013 claiming a Stage One victory at the inaugural Pennypinchers Origin Of Trails 70km (long route) in a finishing time of 03hours31minutes11seconds.


“Now that was a mountain biker’s course,” said a very happy Stoltz.  “Today was phenomenal, starting in the centre of Stellenbosch, my home town.  It was great to be able to ride single track that is the best in the country.  We had access to private property and valleys that I’ve never been through before.  I actually took some time to look at the scenery”.


“I rode the stage like a time trial not stopping at water points,” continues Stoltz.  “I did stop at a couple of rivers I am the cave man after all.  Stage One was 3 ½ hours of hard riding.  Specialized is the perfect mountain bike to have for this course and I feel sorry for any rider that’s not riding a Specialized bike today.  The Pennypinchers Origin Of Trails will definitely become one of the bigger events on the calendar in terms of fun”.  Matthew Beers came in second, while Stuart Marais finished third.


Sharon Laws claimed victory in the women’s category of the Pennypinchers Origin Of Trails 70km (long route) in a time of 04hours24minutes24seconds.  “The route was amazing, but now I am hot and thirsty,” said Laws.  “I have not yet looked at tomorrow’s route, but if today is anything to go by I am really looking forward to it”.  Hanlie Booyens came in second, while Cherise Stander finished third.


Manie Lubbe was the first 42km (short route) rider to cross the finish line.  “Today was lekker,” said Lubbe.  “The single track was great and so was the vibe amongst riders.  It’s clear that a lot of effort has gone into building these trails that feature everything from rocks to drops and more.  I’m really looking forward to riding G-Spot tomorrow”.  Lubbe’s finishing time was 02hours36minutes.   Jacques Faurre came in second, while Bruce Poole finished third.


Amy Williams was the female rider to beat in the 42km (short route) crossing the finish line in 03hours11minutes23seconds.  “Today’s route was great, tough with a lot of climbing, but great,” said Williams.  “I totally underestimated today’s stage.  It’s different to what we’re used to in Knysna, featuring a nice mix of terrain.  I’m looking forward to the single track tomorrow.  I love single track”.  Gabrielle Chaizy came in second, while Carli Cooke finished third.


RESULTS:  Pennypinchers Origin Of Trails


STAGE ONE:  Friday, 29 November 2013


70km / Long Route:  Men

Rank Name Surname TIME
1 Conrad Stoltz 03:31:11
2 Matthew Beers 03:46:09
3 Stuart Marais 03:47:08
4 Matthew Daneel 03:59:25
5 Daniel Dobinson 04:00:32
6 Nicholas Porteous 04:01:55
7 Eben Espach 04:07:09
8 James Reid 04:13:36
9 Tim Wilkins 04:13:39
10 Rory Van Zyl 04:15:11


70km / Long Route:  Women

Rank Name Surname TIME
1 Sharon Laws 04:24:24
2 Hanlie Booyens 04:29:37
3 Cherise Stander 04:40:56
4 Candice Neethling 04:41:18
5 Leona Kadir 04:49:25
6 Katerina Slegrova 04:50:14
7 Heleen Rossouw 04:53:16
8 Michelle Lombardi 04:53:29
9 Linda Van Wyk 04:54:26
10 Theresa Horn 05:00:03


40km / Long Route:  Men

Rank Name Surname TIME
1 Manie Lubbe 02:36:00
2 Jacques Fourie 02:41:28
3 Bruce Poole 02:47:19
4 Eric Allan 02:47:53
5 Gysbert Malan 02:55:10
6 John Tennent 03:04:08
7 Zeyd Sulaiman 03:04:50
8 Tim Duncker 03:10:11
9 Baphelele Mbobo 03:16:54
10 Siyabulela Mabaso 03:21:46


40km / Long Route:  Women

1 Amy Williams 03:11:23
2 Gabrielle Chaizy 03:17:11
3 Carli Cooke 03:42:21
4 Tania Welgemoed 03:42:50
5 Edith Niessen 03:53:32
6 Lauren Cohen 03:54:09
7 Magdel Van Den Berg 04:04:37
8 Karen Lottering 04:07:51
9 Lizanne Van Zyl 04:10:14
10 Riana Beyers 04:21:10