Burry Stander 3rd at XCO World champs

South African Burry Stander had a phenomenal race yesterday at the World MTB champs in Mont-Sainte-Anne, Quebec, Canada. Jose Antonio Hermida was the strongest on the day managing to get away from Jaroslav Kulhavy who earned the silver medal for Czech and Burry who gave South Africa its first elite cross country medal with the bronze.

“I can’t even talk. I’m full of emotions. I really wanted to win Worlds this year,” said Hermida. “Last year I was close, in fourth.”

Hermida celebrates

The men raced two starting laps plus six full laps. Over 80 men were on the start line gunning for the hole shot and not everyone got through safely. Julien Absalon and Jose Antonio Hermida were 2 riders who got caught up. Later in the race Absalon flatted and all thoughts of a podium were finished. Race favourite and defending champion Nino Schurter also suffered bad luck with 2 flats. He did really well to finish 4th.

Burry leading Jose

Hermida said: “From the beginning, I had trouble in the first corner, but I knew it was a long race. It was hard to catch back up, but at Mont-Sainte-Anne, it’s important to get to the first climb first. You have to be in the top five in the downhill sections.”

What a great champion and ambassador for the sport. Well done Jose


1 José Antonio Hermida Ramos (Spain) 1:52:26
2 Jaroslav Kulhavy (Czech Republic) 0:00:29
3 Burry Stander (South Africa) 0:01:10
4 Nino Schurter (Switzerland) 0:02:03
5 Julien Absalon (France) 0:02:23
6 Carlos Coloma Nicolas (Spain) 0:02:43
7 Liam Killeen (Great Britain) 0:02:51
8 Geoff Kabush (Canada) 0:03:58
9 Florian Vogel (Switzerland) 0:04:14
10 Ivan Alvarez Gutierrez (Spain) 0:04:30
11 Ralph Naef (Switzerland) 0:04:35
12 Cédric Ravanel (France) 0:04:57
13 Manuel Fumic (Germany) 0:05:23
14 Moritz Milatz (Germany) 0:05:41
15 Stéphane Tempier (France) 0:06:37
16 Martin Gujan (Switzerland) 0:07:42
17 Lukas Flückiger (Switzerland) 0:07:58
18 Maxime Marotte (France) 0:08:21
19 Emil Lindgren (Sweden) 0:08:31
20 Samuel Schultz (United States Of America)
21 Todd Wells (United States Of America) 0:08:32
22 Fabian Giger (Switzerland) 0:08:45
23 Jan Skarnitzl (Czech Republic)
24 Tony Longo (Italy) 0:09:13
25 Martino Fruet (Italy) 0:09:23
26 Oliver Beckingsale (Great Britain) 0:09:39
27 Jukka Vastaranta (Finland) 0:09:45
28 Kohei Yamamoto (Japan) 0:10:18
29 Adam Craig (United States Of America) 0:10:29
30 Catriel Andres Soto (Argentina) 0:10:37
31 Inaki Lejarreta Errasti (Spain) 0:10:51
32 Christoph Sauser (Switzerland) 0:11:23
33 Marek Galinski (Poland) 0:11:34
34 Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski (United States Of America) 0:11:55
35 Rubens Valeriano (Brazil) 0:12:18
36 Christoph Soukup (Austria) 0:12:20
37 Derek Zandstra (Canada) 0:12:38
38 Sergio Mantecon Gutierrez (Spain) 0:12:55
39 Max Plaxton (Canada) 0:13:10
40 Evgeniy Pechenin (Russian Federation) 0:13:16
41 Michael Broderick (United States Of America) 0:13:25
42 Karl Markt (Austria) 0:14:06
43 Raphael Gagne (Canada) 0:14:39
44 Maxim Gogolev (Russian Federation) 0:14:44
45 Matthew Hadley (Canada) 0:14:48
46 Ruben Ruzafa Cueto (Spain) 0:15:13
47 Magnus Darvell (Sweden) 0:16:26
48 Carl Decker (United States Of America)
-1lap Hannes Metzler (Austria)
-1lap Lachlan Norris (Australia)
-1lap Andrea Tiberi (Italy)
-1lap Matous Ulman (Czech Republic)
-1lap Jelmer Pietersma (Netherlands)
-1lap Ricardo Pscheidt (Brazil)
-1lap Robert Mennen (Germany)
-1lap Kris Sneddon (Canada)
-1lap Wolfram Kurschat (Germany)
-2laps Andrew Watson (Canada)
-2laps Edivando De Souza Cruz (Brazil)
-2laps Cristobal Silva Ibaceta (Chile)
-2laps Chun Hing Chan (Hong Kong, China)
-2laps Rotem Ishai (Israel)
-2laps Sven Nys (Belgium)
-2laps Ignacio Torres Acosta (Mexico)
-2laps Michael Northcott (New Zealand)
-2laps Luis Anderson Mejia Sanchez (Colombia)
-2laps Zhiqiang Duan (People’s Republic of China)
-3laps Spencer Paxson (United States Of America)
-3laps Anton Gogolev (Russian Federation)
-3laps Jianhua Ji (People’s Republic of China)
-3laps Seiya Hirano (Japan)
-3laps Kyosuke Takei (Japan)
-3laps Shun Matsumoto (Japan)
-3laps Stuart Houltham (New Zealand)
-3laps Hector Daniel Gasco (Argentina)
-3laps Ryo Saito (Japan)
-4laps Emmanuel Valencia (Mexico)
-4laps Hector Fernando Riveros Paez (Colombia)
-4laps Andrew Blair (Australia)
-4laps Eudaldo Asencio (Puerto Rico)
DNF Jochen Kass (Germany)
DNF Marco Aurelio Fontana (Italy)
DNF Michal Lami (Slovakia)
DNF Dario Alejandro Gasco (Argentina)
DNF Rudi Van Houts (Netherlands)